Each card presents face and back (text).

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On the road to Kantishna
Denali National Park and Preserve

A robust female moose walks along the shore of a small pond in the
early morning looking for suitable vegetation. It
could easily pass for a horse except for its nose.

Humpback whale flukes
Chatham Strait, Alaska

Moving slowly and with incredible grace, humpbacked whales begin a deep dive by angling downward and lifting their flukes clear
of the water. The final disappearance of the
tail leaves barely a ripple

The Sentinel
Southeast Alaska

A Bald Eagle stands watch on the upthrust spire of an iceberg calved from the Le Conte Glacier. It is an excellent vantage point, allowing the eagle to drift over the water,
watching fish come and go with the tide, without the exertion of soaring.

At Wonder Lake
Denali National Park

A single sprig of mare’s tail (Hippurus) pokes through the
glass ceiling to sniff the air. New leaves unfurl while the water clings tenaciously to the stem, dimpling the surface.


Steller's Sea Lions
Glacier Bay National Park
Southeast Alaska

Steller Sea Lions lounge on a rocky shore. The ambience of the colony is one of constant activity with pushing and shoving and primal, over-loud conversation. Overall the experience has the look and sound of a party that is dying with a whimper.