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Original Art Note Cards

All of these images are available as original prints in a note card format. The cards are 6.25 x 4.5 inches folded -- blank inside. The front of the card carries a photograph with a half-inch border, or larger depending on the cropping. The back has a title and a sentence or two of commentary. They come with matching square-flap envelopes that complement the quality of the cards.

Each card is printed singly with an Epson ink-jet printer, on high quality, white, matte paper. I am pleased with the quality of the images and the cards. They are available for $5.00 each. If there is mailing involved, there will be a shipping and handling charge of $5 for each destination in the U.S.

Because I print each card individually, I can make a packet of cards with any combination of photographs you would like. A "catalog" of prepared images is shown below with the title and commentary on the right. Any of the images on my web site are available for order at no additional cost.

These images are of a quality the surpasses any screen printing process in common use. If you have questions , call me:   (660) 429-6483    or    email me:   john@brawleycreek.com

-- at this time only "Alaskan Experience" is available for display --

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Galapágos Experience Florida Birds Shells n' Things
Alaskan Experience Brawley Creek: Fall Colors Northwoods wildflowers
Baja Experience Brawley Creek: Birds in Winter
Brawley Creek: in Winter
Brawley Creek: Spring Flowers