About the Concert   

Marideth Sisco is the creative force behind the direction of Blackberry Winter, and she has assembled a collection of wonderful musicians who also have rich lives beyond their critical mass as Blackberry Winter.

She is an extraordinary woman who excels in a gaggle of related fields; she is a master story-teller, an author, and a singer who honors our histories without glossing over the hard parts. She brings to her performances with Blackberry Winter and awesome intellectual background that explains the richness of her music. A Marideth Sisco performance of any kind is not to be missed.



Blackberry Winter -- good times.

       Bo, Linda, Van, Marideth, Dennis, & Tedi

CD's will be available at the concert!

Dennis Crider - guitarist

Linda Stoffel - vocalist, and more

What is a biologist/photographer
doing with a music group?

I worked with the Darwin Project that premiered in the fabulous Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts when it first opened. I was a consultant and contributing photographer, and I was asked to fill the 19x25' screen to entertain the audience during intermission.

That was my initiation into performance imagery and it was followed in 2012 by my first collaboration with Blackberry Winter -- an Educational Benefit at the Folly Theater in Kansas City, we worked together again last year, that time on the UCM campus for Earth Day.

From my perspective this is a novel art form. Like haiku it is defined by its boundaries and as an accompaniment, it moves with the pace of the performers. There is no video. Instead I use stills, both realistic and abstract, merging imagery, pans, and an occasional animation, all synchronized with the performance. The band is awesome and the imagery can add powerfully to an already strong performance.

Some of the images will be pretty, some graphic, some abstract, the transitions evocative. It is unique, probably the opportunity to experience this combination of the arts will not pass this way again. It will be a memorable evening. It will be delightful. I hope you can see it.
                                                                    ~ John Hess

Blackberry Winter:   "Winter's Come and Gone"

      This is some of the imagery taken from our                  performance of Shenandoah.

The Shenandoah River begins as a tumbling creek

"I'm bound away . . . 'cross the wide Missouri."

"For the siren's call of far-off places . . . "


             Hope to see you there ! !